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“Excellence in editing. Well done. Worthy being shown on Oscar night.”
– EMPixx Award judges, Tributes to Betty Garrett, Lynn Redgrave
“Grade A stuff, if you ask me.”
– Chud.com, Mary Poppins, A Musical Journey
“Extra features are excellent. Roy Disney should be proud to have his name on these. Four stars.”
– DVD Monsters and Critics, True-Life Adventure series
“A terrific documentary”
– DVD Verdict, Pollyanna: Making of a Masterpiece
“A great job here…sharply edited…surprisingly in-depth”
– DVD File, The Parent Trap documentaries
“The best montage of my work that I’ve seen.”
– Composer Jerry Herman
“Fantastically informative and entertaining segment.”
– 411mania, Pete's Dragon
“The niftiest treasure trove is a set of song demos and outtakes.”
– Entertainment Weekly, 101 Dalmatians
“In a nice touch, a featurette covers music man Paul Smith"
– The Hollywood Reporter, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
”The Disney team has once again set the standard for the quality of bonus material they can fit on a 2-DVD set. It’s my pleasure to give a full recommendation to this outstanding DVD edition.”
– DVD File, True-Life Adventure series
“These are among the best DVDs released this year.
– Einsiders, True-Life Adventure series
“Exceptional bonus features…essential addition to these DVD sets. It is documentaries such as this [Filmmaker’s Journal]…that make these DVDs worth their weight in gold.”
– Collider, True-Life Adventure series
“The disc begins with one of the better featurettes I've seen (Gasp! It actually talks about the film's history and isn't just a promotional fluff piece!).”
– DVD movie central, Bedknobs and Broomsticks
“An impressive clip reel...assembled by Les Perkins.”
– Leonard Maltin, MovieFanFare, Republic Pictures Anniversary
“This trailer put me into tears, I have to watch this...like NOW!”
– YouTube comment (Haribobearer), Prayers for Bobby recut trailer
“Just watching the trailer made my eyes water. I can't wait to buy this movie.”
– YouTube comment (aznboiofpower), Prayers for Bobby recut trailer
Brazzle Dazzle Effects, is a terrific new featurette and is an excellent history of special effects in Disney movies.”
– mouseplanet, Pete's Dragon

“These features have gone above and beyond what I could hope for when it comes to this film. Truly an excellent example of how DVD features should work and come packaged.”
– digitalchumps, Pete's Dragon
“A very interesting and insightful special!”
– www.stuffwelike.com, Pete's Dragon
”Disney created a very nice set of extras… Preserving Pollyanna is one of the better restoration examinations I’ve seen; it covers the topic much more thoroughly than usual.”
– DVD Movie Guide, Pollyanna
“A standout documentary…a fascinating and in-depth behind the scenes… well-produced…. A lot of valuable information and insightful memories…”
– Ultimate Disney.com, True-Life Adventure series, Filmmaker’s Journal
“I’m giving the set our highest rating at DVD Talk.”
– DVD Talk, True-Life Adventure series
“Each volume provides a highly engaging Filmmaker's Journal… The Collector's Corner offers a cool look at the marketing campaigns…”
– UGO, True-Life Adventure series
“A bounty of enthralling extras that will enrich your viewing experience... There is remarkably little overlap among these handsomely produced programs and, added together, they provide more than two hours of compelling and informative material. Nicely done.”
– DVD verdict, True-Life Adventure series
My enjoyment has come not so much from watching the True-Lifes themselves…as from watching the abundant supplementary materials.
– Michael Barrier.com, True-Life Adventure series
“Brisk and informative program. Its emphasis on the nuts and bolts of the musical elements makes it different and enjoyable.”
– DVD MG, Mary Poppins, A Musical Journey
“Deconstructions of the musical sequences…sounds initially like a dry film-school technical study turns out to be one of the most fascinating inclusions on the disc.”
– Revolution Science Fiction, Mary Poppins
“The Gala Premiere footage is absolutely incredible, cobbled together from color and black and white footage… This has one of the most extensive Art Galleries of any DVD I have ever seen, much less one for a 40-year-old movie… An incredibly in-depth DVD…run to your local store and pick up a copy of this edition.”
– Audio Video Revolution, Mary Poppins
“Major kudos to the production team behind this excellently done commentary track, which very well might be the most well rounded and informative (while still being fun) commentary out there. By editing together three different commentary tracks, it’s ensured there is no dead time, and that all the information is absolutely fascinating.”
– Cinema Blend.com, Mary Poppins, Audio Commentary
“Informative and entertaining... Fun to see… A fine addition to the set”
– DVD MG, Lady and the Tramp, various featurettes
“A selection of rare demos and alternate tracks is a terrific delve into the archives… A welcome surprise is a series of theatrical Trailers, Radio and TV Spots! Long an absent feature [from most Disney DVDs]…– all great fun!”
– Animated Views, 101 Dalmatians
“Just pure fun.”
– Fulvue Drive In, 101 Dalmatians, Pop-up Facts